Ad design

Art direction requires good photography, good copywriting, and good layout – to make great advertisements.

You can’t learn this stuff in class” was a message to students interested in internships with Topeka Metro Bikes.

The “DUDE!” ad for bike racks has generated sales for every time it has been published.

For recruiting bus operators who are interested in the direction of the city, I drafted this letter, “A city is a complex thing.”

Create monumental change,” an ad featuring the tearing-down of the Berlin Wall, was made to market websites for activists. Space is limited on website banners where this ad rotated, so every word was chosen carefully.

Topeka Metro’s routes are available in Google Maps, so it was important for the agency to help people understand how to use them.

Riverfest needed a small, but dynamic ad in the Wichita Visitor’s Guide. I added color to coordinate with the logo, and set the type on an angle to draw the reader in.

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