Poster design

Poster design is my favorite.

For the initial launch of the bikeshare program (“11AM APRIL 15“), we partnered with Washburn University to have a high-concept, high-impact launch event and bike ride. The posters were stark and dramatic, and helped draw big crowds to the event – despite rain!

For the Great Topeka Bike Fest, we made a poster series highlighting photos from previous events. This was a name and brand change for the event, so it was important to show its features would be consistent.

As an actor in The Cocoanuts, I was able to use original promotion artwork to recreate the show posters, using an updated photo and current information about showtimes.

For Flat Tire IV, I commissioned an artist to draw a bicycle with a custom “IV” shaped frame, to help tell the legacy of the fundraiser event. The orange of the bike stood out, so I kept the design simple.



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